Home Health Aide
On-Line HHA Certification Course

  • NJ Board Certified
  • 60 Hours of On-line Lecture
  • 16 Hours of Clinical
Thank you very much for being such a wonderful school, for helping and standing by your students even after the course is over! Thank you for all the extra work you do to help us pass the state test! - Mary
It’s a very nice training center. I really appreciate the hands on training. The center has enough equipment, books and video show. I am really satisfied with the training center. - Stacy

New Jersey CHHA Training

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    Home Health Aide
    On-line HHA Certification Course

    • NJ Board Certified
    • 60 Hours of On-line Lecture
    • 16 Hours of Clinical

    About Our Certification Program

    Infinity HCS has a New Jersey Board of nursing approved CHHA training course every month.  We also offer CNA to CHHA conversion classes that are affordable for you.  With a Certified Home Health Aide Certification, you can find work in Home Health Agencies, Assisted Living Communities, comprehensive personal care homes, assisted living facility, hospices, Senior Services and even hospitals. Click Here to fill out Application CHHA Training Application

    We offer the following courses:

    Certified Home Health Aid CHHA (New Jersey)

    CHHA Certification is designed for a professional caregiver who provides effective care for patients in their own homes in state of New Jersey. Infinity Healthcare offers home health aide classes that provide the necessary knowledge and caregiver skills.

    Professional CEU’s

    Looking for Professional CEU continuing education courses for health care in New Jersey and or Pennsylvania. Infinity Healthcare Services has high-quality CEU credit courses that you can do online that will help you to improve your industry expertise and maintain your professional license in New Jersey and or Pennsylvania.

    PA Direct Care Training

    Direct Care Training is on online training program that will help you learn the basic skills and information to become a personal care home direct care staff person to be able to work in the state of PA.

    Princeton Home Care Provides Great Service

    Pennsylvania HHA Training

    PA CHHA Certification is designed for a professional caregiver who provides effective care for patients in their own homes in state of Pennsylvania. Infinity Healthcare offers home health aide classes that provide the necessary knowledge and caregiver skills.

    Senior Care Bucks County

    Home Health Aide Training in NJ

    Home health aide training NJ is an excellent option for anyone in the care field, including those just starting out and also longtime careers. Infinity HCS has a training program for those wishing to be caregivers in New Jersey. A CHHA Certification opens doors for care providers to work in many healthcare environments. From home health, to assisted living, to personal care homes, to hospices, to senior services, your options open up. In addition this will put hospitals on the table. Give us a call about home health aide training in NJ!

    Home Health Aide Training in NJ

    Best Home Health Aide Training in NJ

    Take a home health aide class in NJ! Infinity HCS is a passionate group with a reputation for care and comfort, and we certainly take our responsibilities seriously. We take extra care to match everyone with the right career for their needs as well as personality and preferences. With home health aide classes in NJ, Infinity HCS provides comprehensive training for every element you need to succeed in your community and with your patients. Call to ask about the variety of services we offer and how we can help you with your CHHA Training!

    Certified Home Health Aide Training NJ

    Certified Home Health Aide Training NJ

    Is certified home health aide training in NJ the route you want to take for your career in healthcare? If you’re unsure, then contact Infinity HCS to find out! Our classes have produced many satisfied caregivers, many who go on to work for Infinity directly. We offer classes for certification in New Jersey. Additionally, we provide help with certification renewal. Certification consequently opens many doors in the healthcare field. You’ll have access to testimonies from CHHAs and patients and see how rewarding a career in home healthcare can be.

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      Home Health Aide Class in NJ

      Home Health Aide Training NJ

      Infinity HCS is the best source for home health aide training in NJ and PA. Our classes are comprehensive and will cover a wide range of topics regarding home healthcare. We prepare you for certification but also the real job! Indeed, many participants may go on to seek a career with Infinity HCS. We know for sure anyone with our home health aide training NJ is ready to provide dedicated, empathetic care. This is why our patients see us as family, and we also want you to see us that way! Give us a call to set up your CHHA certification training appointment today!

      Our Director of Nursing and School Instructor


      Linda McAndrew, BSN, AKA: Oh Great Cool One, is the Director of Nursing at Infinity Healthcare Services. Linda has been an RN for over 40 years working in many specialty areas including Perinatology, Antenatal Testing, Obstetrical Home Care, Gerontology, and Home Care. Linda received her diploma in professional nursing from Abington Hospital School of Nursing and her undergraduate degree in Nursing and Business from Philadelphia University. Linda attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and now attends The University of Aspen where she is pursuing her MSN in Nursing Administration. In addition to her position as Director at Infinity, Linda is also the instructor for the NJ approved CHHA program offered by Infinity Health Care Services and is a certified Red Cross Instructor. In addition to her many professional associations, Linda has written several published articles including, “The Development of a Maternal-Fetal Intensive Care Unit,” (JOGN). Recently, she has published public interest articles in the magazine, “Ask the Doctor.” The articles included:” The Importance of Getting a Flu Shot” and “Presents or Presence.” Linda resides in Blue Bell, PA with her son, Timothy, and her 2 dogs, Nick and Axl Rose.

      Home Health Aide Training NJ - New Jersey

      Home Health Aide Training NJ

      Certified home health aide training NJ is just a phone call away! Not only do we provide CHHA training, but we also offer CNA to CHHA conversion. If you are a CNA in New Jersey and want to work as a HHA, we offer a conversion class. This shorter course capitalizes on skills and knowledge you already have to prepare you for work in a home setting. Both longtime professionals as well as careers just starting out are more than welcome to learn at Infinity HCS. If you’re looking at home health aide training programs in NJ, then Infinity HCS wants to talk to you!

      Advantage of becoming a Certified CHHA with Infinity HCS

      1. You have the advantage of being trained by our nurses and instructors who are approved by the NJ board of nursing and have many years’ experience
      2. Our classes are very affordable for everyone, and we work with you because we understand the importance of education.
      3. After you have successfully completed the course and passed your exam. Infinity HCS will submit your application to the NJ board of nursing for processing.
      4. After you have successfully obtained your CHHA license Infinity HCS has employment opportunities available for you.
      5. Our course schedule make it convenient for you so that you are able to go at your own pace for those still working.
      6. For your convince our courses are held once every month for 3-4 weeks. You are able to take a part of your classes on our online university and take your two day clinical at our fully equipped facility.
      7. For your convenience if you are not computer savvy or have a computer at home you can come to our facility for some extra help and use our computer lab to help you prepare for your classes.
      8. We offer conversion classes at very little cost for CNA to CHHA.

      Questions & Answers

      -The registration fee is due as soon as possible to hold your seat (class size is limited).

      -The balance must be paid 1 week before the first day of class to keep your seat.

      -If you fail to pay tuition in full, your seat will be offered to an alternate student and you will have to take a different class.

      -You will only be allowed to switch classes once for clinical.($250 charge is applied)

      -For online class extension, there is a $50 charge

      Infinity HCS reserves the right to cancel the CHHA classes and refund all fees in the event of insufficient registration or rollover to next class. Students who cancel their registration will receive a 90% refund if a one week notice is given. This does not include the fees to the board of nursing.

      A student is eligible for a full (100%) refund if the class in which he/she is officially registered fails to “make” due to insufficient enrollment and if the student cannot wait for the next scheduled class. If a student is already enrolled in a class, but fails to complete the course and wishes to continue to the next month class there will be a $150 additional charge to hold a spot. No refunds will be issued once you have already completed the first week of classes.

      Note: Deposit Fees / Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

      The Board of Nursing charges $65.00 for the application fee and licensing fee. Payment for new applicants will be paid via Credit Card online. Passport-sized photo (2″x2″): A clear picture of your facial features from shoulders and above against a white background. Can be taken at any post office or photo center. Prices may vary.

      Scrubs are required to be worn every day. You are responsible for your own scrubs.

      We accept Cash, Money Orders, and Credit Cards. Credit/Debit Card transactions must include a 3.6% processing fee for payments or refunds. We do NOT accept personal checks.

      Refunds must be requested at least 8 business days before the start of class by coming to the office. No refunds will be given after 8 business days before the start of class. We are not open on weekends. So if the class starts on Monday the refund must be requested by the Friday before by coming into the office. If you register and pay for the course less than 8 business days of the start date and decide to not take the class, you will not receive a refund. To hold a seat for a class, a deposit of half of the total class fee is due during open enrollment.  The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before clinical. If the remaining balance is not paid in full, Student(s) will not be permitted to take the clinical and forfeit the final exam.

      • New Year’s Day
      • Martin Luther King Birthday
      • Easter
      •  Memorial Day
      • Fourth of July
      •  Labor Day
      • Thanksgiving Day
      • Christmas Day

      Students are to complete the full course and take the final exam at the appointed time. There are “NO” extensions for the final. In order for a student to attain completion of each respective program, he/she must attend all classes as scheduled. If a student misses a class due to illness, the said student will be required to present a sick leave paper from a physician to be able to continue the program.  The student upon resuming classes will have the responsibility of obtaining the missed taught material, studying the material and ensuring that he/she understands the subject missed. A student who misses a class and did not make it up by the due date as assigned by the instructor will be dropped from the group and will be allowed to join the next group whenever the classes are scheduled. (See refund policy)

      Missing a class includes being late 30 minutes to an hour late to a classroom lecture, laboratory or clinical lecture. Therefore, students must complete the required instructional hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical work.


      Tardy means: 10 minutes – 30 minutes late to any class.
      Absence:  1 hour missed from any part of the class (leaving early or coming in late). Three tardies will count as one absence

      All students are required to be in uniform for both days of clinical. Always maintain a professional look at all times.

      All missed laboratory time must be made-up on open lab days, which will be announced. Failure to complete the required number, of course, hours for any program will result in the student’s inability to take the competency exam and be recommended for certification with the next group testing. (Charges will be applied for makeup days).

      Each student must attend all clinical rotation days and should not be any later than 30 minutes. There will be a charge for clinical days missed. If a student will be 30 minutes late, that student must notify the instructor. If a student did not call and show up for clinical, it will be assumed that the student has dropped the course and he/she may not return to the course.