COVID-19 & infinity Healthcare Services

It has been about a month since we have had to care for our clients knowing the risk that both caregivers and clients share with regards to COVID 19. We pray daily for the health and safety of both our clients and caregivers.  While many of our fellow Americans face unemployment, Infinity Healthcare Services continues to provide state of the art home care from our offices in both Morrisville, Pennsylvania and Princeton, New Jersey.

Our hero caregivers have enthusiastically implemented the many changes and augmentations that have been brought to us through the help of our sophisticated software system. All newly admitted clients are seen by an RN and a client-specific Plan of Care is developed and inputted into the software system. With the onset of COVID19,  the CDC has generated information for us about COVID 19 and the many changes that are needed to be implemented. This has allowed us to stand at the forefront of the homecare industry.

At Infinity Healthcare Services, we care for clients with many different health issues that could negatively impact their immune system. Because of the vulnerability of every client and caregiver, Infinity Healthcare Services has implemented changes that include the following: Prior to entering the client’s home, our software system will ask health questions that will determine whether a caregiver can safely care for his/her client by reviewing their health status; additionally, all caregivers must wash their hands on entering the home and every hour thereafter and wear a mask throughout their shift.

Finally, all of our caregivers are oriented and trained per specific state regulations and are educated on an ongoing basis following state and CDC guidelines. By implementing these policies and procedures, Infinity Healthcare Services will successfully guide our clients and caregivers through the COVID19 Pandemic.


Linda McAndrew, RN, BS

Director of Nursing


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